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How Many Shaves Per Razor does it last?

It is entirely dependent on the type of razor and the manner in which it has been used by the individual.
How long my razor will last?

Every man tries to prolong the life of a razor because no one wants to waste a lot of money on a razor daily.

So, this brings us to the question: How many shaves per razor will it last?

Although the answer to this question varies widely according to every type of razor, we have gone an extra mile to research and find out what the experts have to say about it.

Not only this, but we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you increase the longevity of your razor and avoid the hassles of changing your blades consistently.

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So, first and foremost, let’s look at the straight razor.

How many shaves per straight razor?

Straight razors are classified into two types: shavettes and straight-edge razors.

Both of them have one thing in common: the single handle design, but what distinguishes them is that shavettes have blades that can be ejected (Disposable), lasting for a week.

It’s a little more challenging to determine the precise number of shaves in a straight-edge razor since the blade is sharpened by you.

So, either you can sharpen your blades before every shaving session or point it once a week. However, if you shave daily, it is preferable to hone it at least weekly.

How to Save Money on a Straight Razor?


To be honest, there isn’t anything you can do here except swap in your shavette for a straight razor.

Straight razors are designed to last a lifespan. Proper blade treatment, stropping, and honing will ensure that this razor variety is passed from generation to generation.

How long will my cartridge razor last?

Cartridge razor with ejectable handle

A cartridge razor, as opposed to a disposable razor that is one piece, has an ejectable razor handle.

In all of these devices, you keep the handle but replace the head daily.

So, to answer the question, a modern razor can last between 25 and 30 shaves.

How long will my safety razor last?

safety razor
Safety Razor

While not the simplest to learn and obtain, a double edge razor, also known as a safety razor, is unquestionably the most affordable option on the market and is raved by men who want total control over the shave.

When it comes to the lifespan of a safety razor, it only provides 5-7 shaves per razor.

How to save money on a Safety and a Cartridge Razor?

The longevity of your razor blade is affected by the thickness of your hair and the frequency at which you shave, but good treatment will help keep the blades new and sharp for a longer period of time.

Assure that the skin is adequately hydrated. Wet hair can be sliced more quickly and with less pressure than dry hair when shaving.Increased resistance leads the blade to dull more quickly.

Rinse your razor after each stroke to avoid shaving gel build-up and cut hairs drying in between your razor blades and reducing their effectiveness. Similarly, after shaving, thoroughly clean and dry your razor.

What is the lifespan of an Electric Razor?

The life of an electric shaver is primarily dictated by the consistency of the products, which can be assured by a reputable company.

electric shaver
An Electric Shaver

On average, an electric razor can last between 5 and 10 years, depending on how well it is used and cared for. However, you must constantly replace the blade and foil.

Due to the wear and tear on the blades and foils, the shaving experience becomes less effective. Over time, pressure and heat deteriorate the metal, causing it to deform and bend, and the only solution is to completely replace them.

If the blades or foils are not sufficiently sharp, you will use the tool for a longer period of time, it will become warmer, and it will consume more energy, resulting in a shorter life expectancy. As a result, it is advised to replace the foil of the razor once every 12-18 months and its blade once every year.

How to take the best care of an electric razor in order to prolong its life?

The following are the six best pieces of advice for extending the life of your electric razor’s :

#1 – Regular Cleansing Of The Blades

After shaving, hair and dead skin may get lodged in the blade, causing the razor to become blunt more easily. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly rinse it with warm water to remove any remaining grit, ensuring that the blade functions properly for an extended period of time.

Alternatively, once a week, gently clean the razor with a special brush, since the tap would not eliminate any of the unwanted contaminants.

#2 – Do Not Immerse The Razor Completly Underwater

It is an absolute necessity since not all shavers are waterproof. Keep the shaver out of the bathroom, bathtub, and steam room at all times.Electric razors are highly susceptible to moisture, which is easy to prevent.

#3 – Oiling The Blades

With each application, lubricate the blade. If you use a specific oil, your razor can glide more easily, which results in more effective hair trimming.

Besides this, lubricants protect metal components from harsh conditions while also increasing their stainless ability. It is important for the longevity of a razor.

#4 – Regular Replacement Of Blades

Since all shaver blades and foils wear out over time, you should keep track of when you last replaced them and aim to replace them once a year to ensure a smooth and reliable shave.

#5 – Use An Effective Pre-Shave Routine

Showering prior to shaving is the most critical thing you can do to extend the life of your razor blade.

Showering prior to shaving not only softens the hair follicles, but also aids in the release of trapped sebum oil in the pores.

If showering isn’t possible, the next best option is to quickly apply a hot towel to your face for around 5 minutes before shaving.

#6 – Use of Lubricants

The use of Lubricants like shaving gels or creams not only makes shaving more convenient and comfortable but also provides a coating that helps to keep the razor blade in good condition.

Final Impression

Although an electric razor can last longer, a Double Edge razor is far less expensive and gives you complete control over your shave. Thus, it depends on whether you prioritise longevity over price or vice versa.

By now, you should have got to know that the life expectancy of any razor not only depends on its types, quality or model but also on how properly it is maintained.

Therefore, never forget to take utmost care of your shaver like any other device.

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